Real Property ADR

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is especially effective for resolving real estate disputes.  Whether you choose to use mediation to help you and the other party involved design a solution specific to your needs or you prefer to bring in an arbitrator to help you end the dispute, you will save time, money, and frustration.

One of the most difficult things about using litigation to settle a real estate disputes is the time it takes to bring the judge and jury “up to speed.”  Additionally, a great deal of time is put into the discovery process when both parties are building their case against one another.  By the time a matter reaches the courtroom, once amicable business colleagues are pitted against one another as sworn enemies.  In the long run, there can be only one winner, and in many cases, both parties walk away unsatisfied.

ADR makes it possible for both sides of a dispute to feel good about the outcome of a real estate dispute.  Each has an opportunity to state their case and in the case of mediation, each has control over the eventual outcome.  This means it is possible to use an unorthodox approach and reach a creative solution that would not be possible during litigation.

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